1) "Art" + "Energy"


In the beginning cave paintings were first attempts to represent reality.

Maybe since we are no longer primates.

Through the further inheritance of this activity a part of the Homo Sapiens could continue developing "consciously - being".


It ("art") has thus, I think, in principle, a defined sense.


Later two-dimensional representations appeared and were developed to perfection.


Accordingly spatially shapeless sculptures and objects were converted into realistic three-dimensional objects and images, and later to their abstraction.


Ultimately - that horizon is fulfilling and - from my point of view already fulfilled.


In my aspiration towards further development I am only left with the 4th and 5th dimension.


You've never heard of the the 4th and 5th dimension ?


2) The 4th and 5th dimensions are time and energy, respectively.


Without them everything stands still.


- Concerning Time:

Time itself has no beginning and no end. It is transitory. Facing unexpected incidents is seems to stand still or last for ever.

But you can also consciously let it stand still. Especially in the moment between the past and the future, in the "now", in the "being". In pictures and sculptures it appears to be captured, too.


Time as a physical dimension can be measured, either a period with defined beginning and end, or as a time or date. This is applied for practical uses or missuses.


I believe that in the moment of being we are closer to the truth of the representation of reality, closer than in thoughts of "going to be" or "has just been".


I believe that "being" is dynamic, within this being something happens, it is not just an empty space between past and future.

It is a dynamic recursion.


-Concerning Energy:

When I think about global problems such as CO2, climate change, the alleged energy shortage and so on - I see that there are many greedy people, mostly so called leaders, all over the world, who are trying to persuade us to produce and use more energy.


I believe that since the beginning of creation enough energy always has been available for development of life. Energy can`t be produced – it can only be transformed.


In contrast I would say: “There is in fact too much energy out there, it was never the case, that there was too little energy within our planet.”



3a) Why do I do what I do ?


I would like you to understand my objects as a medium. As a medium between our collective abstract knowledge of "science" and our reliance on nature's inherent intuitive force.


So the development of honest representation does not get stuck or hang on to obsolete systems.


The "now", the meditation, the creation, god and the spirit, the representation of the truth in wider sense, a new kind of understanding of time.

Of course you are just as free to say "it does not exist or work" as to say that the earth is flat.


Everything changes, nothing stays the same. To allow change instead of rejecting it, to experience dynamic change as an enrichment to life, instead of devoting ourselves to fear, rigidity and limitations.


Transforming. Decentralizing. With materialised statements . Form, aesthetics and expressions instead of an concentration of mono(polized)cultures. With humility and gratitude. Sustainable.


For these reasons I chose kinetic sculptures for the artistic expression of transforming energy - and consciousness.


3b) How do I do it?


Being becomes consciousness, new consciousness becomes ideas - these lead to sketches - leading to drawings in 2 and 3 dimensions. These in turn become models 1:10 for feasibility studies – which finally become the realisation of the sculpture of up to 10 meters hight.

Materials: Aluminium, stainless steel and stainless steel bearings, Douglas fir, larch and oak, glass, mirrors, plastics, or other materials by agreement.



4) Side effects


When experiencing each object the principle of viewing “from the inside out”, with thoughts like “it should...” do not necessarily work.

In contrast every object should be experienced “from the outside in” with thoughts like “what is it doing now?” or "how does it feel to me?".

The movement should not fulfil the expectations of the observer but appear random.

This is what makes it different from static art.


I understand my work as an antidote to tv, as a creation materialising for a medium of a lost truth. So to gain a sensitivity for the flow of time and energy, which is there for everyone, in every moment and forever, for billion of years.


Thank you for your attention.

G L A U B E - 1 0 4 / + 1 , 2 5 % . . . . . E R F A H R U N G - 1 7 / - 2 , 3 0 % . . . . . V E R T R A U E N - 2 8 / + 1 , 9 8 % . . . . . Z U F R I E D E N H E I T - 5 4 / - 0 , 3 7 % . . . . . I N N E R E - W E R T E - 2 0 4 / + 0 , 8 7 % . . . . . B E W U S S T S E I N - 1 4 / + 1 , 8 2 % . . . . . L I E B E - 1 2 / + 0 , 1 8 % . . . . . S C H Ö P F U N G S N Ä H E - 8 / - 5 , 2 1 % . . . . . I M M A T E R I E L L E - W E R T E - 5 8 / - 3 , 4 7 % . . . . . S E E L E N A F F I N I T Ä T - 6 5 / + 7 , 0 9 % . . . . . D A N K B A R K E I T - 3 2 / + 0 , 7 4 % . . . . . U N E N D L I C H K E I T - 3 7 / - 0 , 4 2 % . . . . . D Y N A M I S C H E - R E K U R S I O N - 2 2 / + 0 , 4 7 % . . . . .